3e generation redundancy

Being independent and self-reliant is very important for everyone, but even more so for people with a disability.If you are partly dependent on others due to a disability, the possibility to still be able to do something yourself gives a huge boost to self-esteem.That is why we often talk about cooperation: independent where possible, support where necessary.

Residential care technology makes a significant contribution to the independence of people with disabilities.That starts with offering trust, because with residential care technology you give people the opportunity to always ask for help when they need it.This makes the step to do certain things independently smaller.In addition, residential care technology offers support in various ways with the act itself.Home automation helps, for example, to independently operate the lighting, curtains, television and much more.

Technology that is so essential for the well-being of people with disabilities must therefore always work.But even the most high-quality technology can of course fail.Reason enough for Cinnovate to pay a lot of attention to redundancy, in other words;ensure that if certain devices fail, other devices take over the functionality.

Cinnovate's CareServer platform has been fully redundant for years.If the Master CareServer fails for any reason, the Slave CareServer will take over without any problems.The wireless infrastructure that Cinnovate provides for the deployment of wireless sensors is also fully redundant.By placing enough receivers, we ensure that messages from sensors always arrive.

The use of wireless infrastructures such as WiFi and LTE require extra security.That is why Cinnovate has also made various security options in the system that ensure that alarm messages are sent to healthcare workers in the event of a failure of the WiFi or LTE network.

Prevention is better than cure, so the handy Cinnovate monitor tool continuously inspects all servers and systems.Already at the first indication of a problem, the monitor tool reports this so that action can be taken quickly.

We call all these safety mechanisms together our 3rd generation redundancy.Because you have to be able to rely on residential care technology.

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